Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I (spoiler-free if you’ve read the book)

Okay, I’m going to keep this short — I PROMISE — because I’m way too tired to write a well thought-out review.

But I’ll say this:

We all know I’m emotional as all get out, so it will surprise no one that I cried not one, not two, but three times.

  1. The beginning scene, before the title screen comes up, showing each member of the trio.  YOU KNOW THE ONE
  2. The graveyard scene with Harry and Hermione and the Potters’ graves
  3. Dobby’s death and burial (this was where the most sobbing happened)

And honestly, I was very, very pleased with it.  I had doubts because a dear friend of mine said it was boring during the camping, but I really, really disagree.  Nothing could get more tedious and boring than the camping scenes in the book, and I think it carried over much better in the film version.

Additionally, I don’t ship (aka “support” in fandom terms) Ron and Hermione in the books, even though it’s now canon, but holy crap, in the movie I totally see it and support it.  Thank you, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, for being so amazing.  Related, but I really loved the part where Harry and Hermione (my “one true pairing,” or OTP) danced.  It was not only something that made me squeal inside like the fangirl I am, but also marked what I think was movie!Harry and movie!Hermione realizing their feelings went no deeper than friendship.  God but I thought they were going to kiss and I nearly lost it out of happiness but then they didn’t, and you know what?  I was okay with that.

Oh God, and Lucius l;dajflsjf.  PS: Could Jason Isaacs and Tom Felton look any more alike?! You would think they’re father and son in real life, too!

Anyway, I plan on seeing this multiple times, and I’ll write more in-depth on this later when I’m not so exhausted, especially after another viewing.  David Yates, I applaud you and I can’t wait to see Part II.


4 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I (spoiler-free if you’ve read the book)

  1. How does the first part end? I plan on seeing it once the crowds die down, but I don’t want to be left with a cliffhanger!

    Emma Watson said in an interview that Radcliffe kissed her like an ‘animal’.

    • Okay, the Harry/Hermione kiss was…well, way too sexualized, honestly, because they were implied to be naked. However, that scene was freaking cool because it really put Ron’s fears out there much as it did in the book. Also, yes, it was VERY animalistic — which would have been fine, but the nakedness threw me off.

      It ends with Voldemort breaking into Dumbledore’s grave and stealing the Elder Wand. It’s pretty epic. The trio has just buried Dobby, but the final scene is Voldemort’s theft.

  2. Oh, okay…good. A ‘down’ scene. I kept imagining it would end with someone yelling “AVADA KEDAVRA!” at Harry and him making a “Aw, nuts.” face.

    Of course, I haven’t read the last book in so long (December 2007 or January 2008) that most of the details about to whom the Elder Wand belonged at which point have escaped me.

    Thanks for piquing my curiosity, though I’m still committed to waiting a week. I made the mistake of attending Toy Story 3 on opening weekend. That was my first time ever having to stand in line to get into the actual showroom because *everyone* had gotten there early to get good seats.

    • Oooh, ouch! We actually got really good seats, so I was pleased.

      I know exactly what you mean about forgetting details of Deathly Hallows. I have to confess I didn’t even remember what the Hallows were except the Elder Wand…oops. :\

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