ready for the end of the semester like never before

As I sit here in the library whiling away time before my 6:30 History of Europe Post-1815 final, I thought about how this is my last semester of undergrad history classes and my last fall-semester exams and how I should be sad to be experiencing “the end of the beginning of the end” — a.k.a, my senior year of college.

But all I can think of is how relieved I am, how tired I am. I know this is partly because it gets dark earlier and it’s now almost pitch-black outside (at least what I can see out the window here beyond glare) and partly because I stayed up too late last night for no good reason, but part of it is just because I’m tired of this semester. I’m ready for it to be over. This has been the hardest semester for me to get motivated.

And even though I still have 19 hours to tackle before I can graduate on May 7, that’s my last semester, and after that, I will only have a year of being off to look forward to and then grad school. It also helps that I’m done with senior seminar, with the “culmination of my work as a history major” and that 20-page senior thesis I had to write.

Also, I guess there’s only so much undergrad you can do before you feel stir-crazy; whenever regular customers who know I’m in school and remember (like that one guy who’s so super nice and always remembers I go to Montevallo) ask about how I’m doing in school, I just respond with, “I’m ready for it to be over.”

Not that my experience here hasn’t been wonderful; it has. But I’m just ready to be DONE with undergrad.

So, now I’m off to waste more time between now and 6:30, with some part of that being spent you know, studying for that final.

With only one more day of finals left, Christmas break is almost within reach. Close, but not close enough.

Come on, Wednesday.


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