time for an update, I suppose

I can’t believe I haven’t written since January 4, but in a way, I can.  So far 2011’s been pretty uneventful, and honestly, I’ve had enough happen in the last three years that I think that’s okay.

This semester I’m taking three English classes: Renaissance and Modern Drama, American Short Story and Medieval Literature (my favorite by far); the rest of my 19 hours are elective classes: Ballroom Dance (yes!), Manual Communication (a.k.a Sign Language), Intro to Theatre and World Religions.  I have to admit it’s really strange not having any classes in Jeter this semester, no history classes for the first time in my now-four years here at Montevallo.  It’s kind of sad, but oh well.  It’s hard to believe that in a little more than three months, I’ll be done with my undergraduate career.

When did I grow up?

Other than school, I’ve been intermittently playing video games, reading, and I’m pleased to say that writing has become more of a habit of mine again (obviously except for here).  I’ve gotten a creative streak back (figures, since I’m taking 19 hours this semester – sob) and it’s nice.  I was beginning to lose hope.

And I’ve been crocheting, working hard to finish a baby blanket that should’ve been finished months ago.  Distractions, distractions.

Well, I suppose that’s it.  I haven’t seen any life-changing movies lately, not since Tangled on New Year’s Day.  I cried three times.  Oh, and I found out the bump on my head isn’t cancer.  That was nice.

I’ll try to update more, I promise.


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