Music or something

Well it’s been quite a while.  So, hello!

I’m not sure when it started, but as far back as I can remember, music has been extremely important to me.  Much of it defines moments or periods in my life; for instance, Tori Amos’ “hey Jupiter” is pretty much all of high school and all its turbulent times as I juggled depression and a stressful academic environment and felt alone 95% of the time despite having friends.  Modest Mouse’s “Float On,” Franz Ferdinand’s “Take Me Out,” and The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside” are the summer of 2004 when I stayed at my grandmother’s during the weeks and stayed up til 4 and 5am watching Insomniac Theatre on VH1.  Josh Groban and Rufus Wainwright anything are the latter years of high school.  Coldplay’s album X&Y and especially the song “Fix You” is/are the summer of 2006.

Moving up in years, Panic! at the Disco’s first album is sophomore year of college for me.  OneRepublic’s “Stop and Stare” and “Say (All I Need)” are summer 2010, and Owl City’s “Fireflies” is the beginning of my final year of college, fresh out of summer 2010, Mika’s albums are last semester, especially toward the end and my completion of Gurren Lagann, and so on and so on.

The point is that most of my life can be defined by phases of listening choices.  Of course, these artists or songs aren’t the only things I listened to at the time, nor can music be only for one period of my life.  Similarly, not all songs have to mean something deeply to me or even bring back memories – much of my music actually is stuff I listen to and enjoy anew (like, I’m not gonna lie, any Lady Gaga songs from her first two [not terrible] albums).  That’s what I love so much about music.  It can easily take you back to a time or bring feelings back to the surface if you forgot about them, but it can also be a way to escape from the present, or even just to make the drive home more enjoyable.

Whenever someone’s asked me if I have a favorite band or singer, I find it a pretty unfair question.  On tumblr, I just did a thing wherein people would tell me a letter, and I had to tell my favorite song with that letter.  It was horrible.  I had to arbitrarily choose one out of like, three, that I loved about equally with that letter.  I have almost every type of music on my iPod, except for country and maybe ska (the latter of which I would love, so any and all suggestions are welcome! I’m not a country girl, however, except old-school Reba McEntire).

But the other day, I was listening to and singing along with a Coldplay song on PSP Radio (I think “In My Place”), and I realized that I guess Coldplay is my favorite band.  I have never disliked any of their songs, and I know almost all of them from Parachutes up to Viva La Vida.  They, like Jackson Browne, have a knack of saying things we don’t know how to say or can’t put into words, and I guess that’s why I’ve always liked music and feel so empty without an iPod or something to listen to in the car at least on the radio, where I might know something they play.  I almost always sleep better with the radio on, and I think I always have.

So, point of this post?  Music, you keep being awesome and being there for me.