LambJam 2010: Day One

We met David and Mona to follow them, leaving around 8:30 Central time.  I slept for about two hours and woke up in time for us to drive through Ocoee, which has beautiful rivers (maybe just one river) with pretty rapids and waterfalls.  I had flashbacks to driving to UNC-Asheville for the COPLAC conference in November, except the foliage wasn’t colourful autumn shades this time — just a ton of green, which was, of course, also pretty.  We stopped briefly at a Tail of the Dragon-themed shop and continued on our way.  If you don’t know about the Tail of the Dragon, it’s a road that curves 318 times in an eleven-mile stretch of road.  Then we came upon The Dragon — not the Tail — and by the time we arrived in Fontana, I felt nauseous.  And I NEVER get carsick.

Once we checked in, we stopped by the other cabin some of our family’s renting (we originally counted sixteen coming — all seven of Nana’s grandchildren/me and my cousins, and Nana’s five children plus four spouses; then we found out the oldest cousin’s bringing his girlfriend, and the cousin who just got married is bringing his wife, so that’s eighteen people — so we decided to split the family between two cabins).  We pigged out on cherry tomatoes and blueberries my aunt and uncle in Dahlonega, GA, grew and picked themselves.  Finally, we went to our own cabin, which is the bigger of the two, and threw all our stuff in the rooms, explored a bit (we have a hot tub!  I have yet to try it out though…), and went back to the other cabin.

The ice cream shop next to the general store here at the resort looked incredibly tempting, and we had to get some supplies anyway, so we stopped inside.  I had two scoops of mint chocolate chip ice cream in a waffle cone, and don’t regret it a bit.  It was delicious, even if eating it out on the porch was annoying purely because of the Miata convention going on here this weekend (which has been a continuing source of annoyance for us, and I’ll explain why).

Then me, Gray (youngest cousin, who’s now eighteen — my God!), and Nell (Gray’s mom) all went to the pool — me with one of Nell’s swimsuits since I didn’t bring mine — and spent a good two hours there.  I mostly talked with Gray about Star Trek, which was AWESOME.

Then we fixed omelettes for Nell, Tommy, and us of course, but they weren’t really omelettes.  They were more like…scrambled eggs plus yellow bell peppers, onions, spinach, and tomatoes…and cheese of course.  Then after Kelly and Vivian (cousin and aunt, respectively) arrived, we all went back to our cabin — the bigger cabin — and hung out until around 9, when the others went back to their cabin.  We went to bed not long after that, because we were all exhausted.  And something very bizarre happened to my mom and I, who are sharing a bed, that woke us up at 11:45 pm.  But I’ll write about that later.  I’m still not over it.

So that’s it for Day One of LambJam 2010 (so named because we’re mostly Lambs, except for Rob and I, the children of Nana’s daughters).  A group of us is planning on going rafting tomorrow on the Nantahala, and today I’ll probably swim more and maybe hike a bit on the part of the AT that’s here, maybe some other trails too.  The rest of the people are due to arrive today, so it may get a lot more interesting tonight.

Last night I could’ve stayed out on the porch all night.  The moon and stars were gorgeous with the mountains in the distance.  It’s nice, except for the Miata jerks — about which, again, I’ll go into detail more later.  I bought a green frosted Fontana shot glass for myself for my 21st birthday.  Appropriate, y/y?

’til next time, then.  I need to take more pictures.  I haven’t taken any here — that’s just a travesty.