“You found a Purple Rupee! That’s 50 Rupees!”

If you follow me on tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook, chances are you know I bought a 3DS on June 17, and the Ocarina of Time 3D remake on June 20.  I’d prepaid for OoT with some of my graduation money because let’s face it, I’d been looking forward to this game for years, but I still had yet to purchase a 3DS.  I was holding out, hoping they’d release a ~special edition~ for the OoT release I just hadn’t heard about (and let’s face it: the games for the 3DS pre-OoT were terrible), but by the time I got paid Friday the 17th, I figured they weren’t going to release a gold one or whatever, so I trekked (read as: drove) to GameStop before work, walked in, took a deep breath, and when the guy behind the counter asked me what I needed, I said, “I would like to buy a 3DS” (to which he responded “Awesome!”).

Now, let’s get one thing straight: I have never paid more than $60-70 for anything video games-related.  Well, I’ve bought video games separately that add up to more than that, and a hard drive for my Xbox 360, and a wireless adapter for it – all on separate occasions – but when it comes to one-time purchases, I have never spent over $70, much less $249.99 plus tax (unless I’m forgetting something).

The 3DS was, indeed, $249.99 plus tax, and since tax in lovely Roebuck is ten percent, that was $24.99 tacked on, so I ended up spending, in one purchase, $274.98.  Ouch.  Add in the trip to White Water Limbo was taking the very release day of Ocarina of Time, June 19, and I had about $30 to last me until my next paycheck, which hasn’t even come yet (well, it’s tomorrow, but I set up direct deposit, so 2am-ish tonight, so close enough).  Add in gas and meals, and that’s really not much.  At all.  I ended up with something like $11 by the end of the White Water trip (excluding the $26 I had already accounted for in cash for the ticket), and since, I’ve been asked by Mom if the 3DS “was worth the three-hundred dollars.”

My answer is: absolutely.

The very day of my big purchase, I was closing with Kathy.  Now, I have this thing about me that when I buy something that’s pretty expensive and probably not necessary, I feel huge, major guilt.  Be it shoes, video games, whatever – if it’s a semi-big purchase, I end up feeling guilty no matter how much I’d been looking forward to it or whatever.  I can only imagine what’ll happen when I buy a car or a house.  Anyway, so I later expressed to Kathy that night that I felt like I shouldn’t have gotten the 3DS.  She exclaimed, “Why?!  It’s really cool, and aren’t you getting a game for it?” And I told her yes, that I’d already prepaid, etc., but still felt bad.  She said, “In all the years I’ve known you, you never splurge on things.  You deserve this!  You need to do something nice for yourself every once in a while, and I think you deserve this!”

And I thought, you know what, I do deserve it.  I graduated from college, and I have a job and I can easily (well, if one considers dealing with sometimes-difficult customers ‘easily’) make back the money I’d shelled out anyway, and she’s right.  I rarely splurge since Dad died.  Money goes mostly to gas, food, paying bills, whatever I need until my next paycheck.  I don’t mind helping out at all – after all, I live here, so why shouldn’t I?  But she was right – I deserve to treat myself every once in a while…and it had been a while since I’d spent anywhere near that much money (aside from post-graduation gifts but I mean paycheck-money) at once.

But was the 3DS worth it after all?  Well, I already answered that, so yes, but why, exactly?

First of all, Ocarina of Time, first released in 1998, is my favorite game ever.  I’ll explain the reasons for that in a separate post, but in short, the storyline is amazing, there’s character development with both main and minor characters, and it’s fun.  You get to travel back and forth through time, rage at the hard-as-hell Water Temple, and have some really awesome (and infuriating) boss battles.  It’s one of the best games probably ever because it was so revolutionary for its time and the N-64 (still the best system IMO, so many great games and stable as everything – I still play mine often), and really opened the door for other games like it (such as Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, the following game released in 2000, which required an Expansion Pack because of the sheer awesomeness).

So when I heard they were remaking and re-releasing Ocarina of Time for the 3DS, I groaned because I’m pretty tired of the 3D trend going around, but was excited because I would get to play Ocarina of Time anywhere I wanted to.  Do you understand how amazing this is to me?  Well, no, because you’re not me, but if you’re a gamer and you grew up loving OoT as well, you’ll understand still.  And oh. my. GOD.

OoT 3D has far surpassed my expectations.  The 3DS was worth it alone, just for the OoT remake.  It has a special feature, too: when you beat the game, you unlock Master Quest.  I never had Master Quest for the Gamecube, so this was like a dream come true (even though I heard MQ was horribly difficult, and it’s pretty tough but not horrible – I’m about 3/4 of the way done).  So not only do you have amazing new graphics, you have new textures, new patterns, a few new Easter eggs, and 3D, which I’ll admit, is pretty damn cool for OoT.  They did a really good job of making the right things pop, and sometimes I turn off the 3D just to compare, and always end up turning it back on.

I’ve enjoyed the game so much already.  I really had my doubts about it being so much better than the original, and I hate when people say “oh I’ll never go back to the N-64” or whatever, but…I kind of feel the same way now.  The N-64 OoT is great.  I have my best game files on there, including one I’ve had since, like, 7th or 8th grade.  But…I can’t carry it everywhere.  I can’t look in awe at the gorgeous detail and textures they’ve patterned the walls, the floors, carpets, torches, gates – everything – with on the N-64.  I can’t marvel at the Temple of Time’s sweet design.  It’s so insane to look at comparison pictures.

And not only have they released a remake of OoT, but they’re soon to remake and release within the year: Starfox 64, Mario Kart 64/DS, Super Mario 64/DS, and God only knows what else.  This is gonna be great…and since it’s a Nintendo product, I KNOW it will last.  My fangirliness for Nintendo is obvious, and I love them for many reasons, but I think my favorite reason is that their products are so damn reliable, and they make their products to where one can play the previous system’s games (at least, starting with the GameBoy Advance/SP and the DS, and the Gamecube and Wii).

While I had my doubts at first, now I can say with all honesty, yes, the Nintendo 3DS, which cost me $274.98, was worth it.  I have definitely earned the money back in terms of playtime and enjoyment, I still have many more hours to play the game before I beat Master Quest, and I only look forward to the upcoming remake games, though none can beat Ocarina of Time (even if they remake Majora’s Mask).  I’ll be a Nintendo fangirl for life…yet I still don’t have a Wii.  (Still played Twilight Princess, though!)

No regrets, at all.